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How difficult is it to make a name for yourself in Hollywood? Very. I’ve tried it. Rejection after an audition you feel you nailed is one of the toughest things to deal with. Well, that is after the cost of living, earthquakes, and traffic. Unlike myself, however, there are those people who continue to grind away hoping to strike oil one day. That is the topic of Victoria Vertuga‘s micro-series Disgraced.

We talked about the ups and downs of casting and what it’s like when you’re on the other side of the lens in our exclusive interview.

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Coming out just in time for Pride, Frederick Keeve’s magical drama film ‘The Accompanist’ hits VOD and digital on June 2nd. We had a chance to talk to Keeve at length about writing, directing, and starring in a film that looks at a very unique subject matter. Typically when you think of a movie involving ballet and dance, the protagonist is typically a female and a more or less boilerplate plot follows. Here Keeve introduces us to a young male ballet dancer, his male lover, and elements of magic and science fiction.

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Acting may be tough, but being a standup comedian is even more grueling. We explored this in one of our early interviews with Paul Smith, but filmmaker Jorgy Cruz went full speed ahead and made a full-blown documentary about one comedian’s journey. Funny Pains follows New York comedian Wendi Starling. It offers up an unflinching look at all the highs and lows that come with carving out one’s nitch in the entertainment business.

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The Asylum has done it again! This time they’ve got DMX, fast cars, and Michael DeVorzon all in one place. If you’re at all familiar with Asylum’s long line of films over the past couple of decades, then you know exactly what you’re getting. For more insight into the unique type of movies associated with the company, we talked to Michael DeVorzon at length about the experience.

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