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After the director of 'Crop Circle Realities' quit mid-podcast, we had to rely on professional Midwest crop circle investigator Tendro Killmere to help us understand what crop circles are and why they're made in crops, and why they're circles. 

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Rich Lowtax Kyanka threw a fit and rage quit during the middle of our interview with the UFO Bros (Joe and Emmett Hayes).




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Comedian and former Food Network host Josh Denny spoke with me about his experiences with the self-righteous outrage mobs of Twitter, his stand-up comedy career, and more. #Standup #Comedy #JoshDenny

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Food Network's "Josh Denny" took time out from stuffing his fat face to talk to me about why he was canceled from his show 'Big Fucking Food'. #FoodNetwork #JoshDenny #Racism

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Can the stars predict pandemics? If so, how? Is it just one giant roll of the cosmic dice that decides our fate when certain planets align in the different sectors of the astrological charts? I have no idea. I’m just a journalist. However, we did speak to someone who’s knowledge of astrological happenings far surpasses my own. Richard Kyanka and I spoke with filmmaker and astrologist Nicholas Snyder about his new informative video ‘The Astrology of Pandemics.’ It was quite informative. We learned about IBM computers, AIDs, holograms, and the importance of geometric angles in regards to the planets’ positions throughout history. Check it out below. ‘The Astrology of Pandemics’ is available now on Prime. Snynopsis: The Astrology of Pandemics is a new film on the astrology of both COVID-19 and previous pandemics. Can astrology help us understand the current pandemic and assist us in preparing for future outbreaks? Renowned astrologer André Barbault predicted the 2020 pandemic, using planetary cycles, back in 2011. Based on astrology, The Astrology of Pandemics also provides a glimpse of the near future, of what our post-COVID society might look like. The Astrology of Pandemics examines astronomical data to show the correlations between celestial phenomena and pandemics. Its aim is to help in the prediction of future health crises while changing how the public views astrology: from a pseudoscience to a more scientific discipline. “It’s astonishing to see that there is a correspondence between three specific planets of our solar system, eclipses and pandemics.” says Nicholas Snyder, the director and producer of The Astrology of Pandemics. “Astrology has been underrated for many years, but this will hopefully change soon, as it can be a very useful and precise tool when it comes to predicting pandemics. It can therefore help us be more prepared for future global health crises.” #Covid #Astrology #Pandemics

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The current state of social media and journalism is in shambles. Truth is secondary to scandal. Even our entertainment is littered with a US VS THEM mentality. I spoke with social science specialist Aydin Paladin about these matters, because I'm sure as hell not knowledgeable about all this to speak intelligently in regards to these topics. Check out the interview below and then head on over to her YouTube channel for more in-depth analyses.



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Actress, writer, and filmmaker Honey Lauren kicked off our interview by informing us to how Hollywood was been affected by the Covid-19 virus and the subsequently shutdowns.

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Honey Lauren was our guest today to talk about her role in the new and unique horror film Sweet Taste of Souls. The film was written by Felicity Mudgett and Terry Ross served as director. Mrs. Lauren gave us some insight into the casting process and the filming location, along with some info on her upcoming projects. Check out the interview below!

Sweet Taste of Souls is currently available on these platforms: Amazon, InDemand, DirectTV, AT&T, FlixFling, Vudu & Fandango.


Nerves are frayed after an all-night drive when Nate, Kyle, Wendy and Lily spot “Elle’s Kountry Kitchen” in the decaying rural town of Angel Falls. They make a fateful decision to stop for cherry pie.

The eerie café and Ellinore’s disturbing demeanor are unnerving enough but the café also displays an unsettling display of photos – of previous wayfarers all in odd, stiffly posed positions. In fact, the people in the photos are alive, trapped in their little photo prisons, free to move about except when customers visit the shop.

A sinister force also lurks in the cursed café. It directs Ellinore’s sad, broken mind and orchestrates her bizarre photography “collection”.

When a problem with one of the photographs causes Ellinore to drown its captives in a fit of rage, she composites a new photo with the images she secretly took of her last visitors. As the replacement shoots off the printer, Nate, Kyle, Wendy and Lily suddenly get “disappeared” out of their van. They awake to find themselves in a stark photo prison. Through their one glass wall they see the outside world – the empty café they just left. They are the Ellinore’s new exhibits and must escape before her escalating temper causes her to replace them as well.

But some dangers are even more penetrating than death: Evil is always hungry for souls. It cultivates terror, manipulates fear and seduces with revenge. Nate’s good heart understands and resists but Lily’s heart is tender, traumatized, vulnerable – an irresistible prize, like Ellinore’s was before Evil first seduced her.

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Someone claiming to be Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group came on the Syxx Sense Media show this week to talk to us about the new documentary 'Volcanic UFO Mysteries'. I cannot verify if this is really Mr. Bassett. He appears much different than he does in the doc, in age, weight, and voice. Perhaps the executive director of PRG has undergone facial reconstruction surgery due to government surveillance? I am not sure why he chose to look like Richard Kyanka, though. Or maybe he was going for John Goodman. Regardless of the validity of this man's identity, he did take us on an educational journey. We learned about the two types of extraterrestrials and their plans for humanity. Check out the interview below: About Stephen Bassett: Stephen Bassett is the executive director of Paradigm Research Group founded in 1996 to end a government imposed embargo on the truth behind the so called “UFO” phenomenon. Stephen has spoken to audiences around the world about the implications of formal “Disclosure” by world governments of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. He has given over 1000 radio and television interviews, and PRG’s advocacy work has been extensively covered by national and international media. In 2013 PRG produced a “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. On November 5, 2014 PRG launched a Congressional Hearing/Political Initiative seeking the first hearings on Capitol Hill since 1968 regarding the extraterrestrial presence issue and working to see that issue included in the ongoing presidential campaign. PRG has assisted numerous organizations and initiatives working to 1) raise public awareness of the both the extraterrestrial presence and the truth embargo, 2) convene open congressional hearings to take government and agency witness testimony, and 3) incite the political media to appropriately cover the attendant issues. There can be only one outcome to the Disclosure advocacy movement – the formal acknowledgment of the extraterrestrial presence by world governments. #UFO #VOLCANOS #GRAYS

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Today we had the honor of speaking with Michael Dorn ('Star Trek: The Next Generation') about his role in the upcoming sci-fi spectacle 'Agent Revelation'. Mr. Dorn gave us some insight into the production, casting, and how a successful actor/director relationship works. He also let us in on his upcoming project, a Western that he will write, direct, and star in.

Agent Revelation will be available on-demand on January 22nd.


Jim Yung, a rejected CIA analyst, has been exposed to an ancient 'dust' that transforms him into a super soldier that can communicate with aliens. When a secret organization works with him to discover why aliens have returned to Earth, the truth comes at a price.

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Think Daughters of Darkness and Dark Shadows. That's what came to my mind when I watched Mickey Reece's Climate of the Hunter. Part brooding horror film, part vampire flick, this indie project combines a lot of 1970s nostalgia while also challenging the audience. Is everything as it seems? Is there something truly sinister at work here? We chatted with the film's director Mickey Reece about his inspirations and making a period piece in the current age. Check it out below. Climate of the Hunter is currently available on-demand. Synopsis: Two sisters, Alma and Elizabeth, along with a dog who’s described as a “philosopher,” have come to Alma’s remote house to reconnect with Wesley after twenty years. Alma is recently divorced, Elizabeth is a workaholic in Washington, D.C., while Wesley lives in Paris dealing with a wife recently struck with a fatal disease. When the three come together for dinner it has all the makings of a lovely adult melodrama about loneliness, and the desire to connect and share our lives with someone… but we must add to the mix one otherworldly piece of information: Wesley could be a vampire. #interview #indie #vampire

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Olivia Luccardi (It Follows, Channel Zero) gave us a call to discuss her role in the post-apocalyptic thriller by Alex Knapp called Go/Don't Go. The film which is, admittedly, a slow burn features some great camera work for an indie film. Though more of a character study than an outright nail-biting thriller set in an unpopulated world, Go/Don't Go hits a bit differently than we were expecting. Ms. Luccardi spoke with us at length about the process of filming this feature and what it takes to be an actor in this current age. Check it out below. Go/Don't Go is currently available on streaming platforms and blu-ray / DVD. Synopsis: After an unknown cataclysm, Adam (Alex Knapp) is alone. The sole inhabitant of a vacant, unchanged world, or so he thinks. While attempting to stay grounded in the desolate landscape, visions come to him—the fateful night his best friend Kyle (Nore Davis) introduces him to the love of his life, K (Olivia Luccardi). As Adam’s mental state starts to unravel, he is plagued by lingering questions and uncertain realities about his world. His grip on what’s left starts to slip away—sending him spiraling towards a series of unforeseen consequences and unexpected truths. #interview #ItFollows #OliviaLuccardi

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Actor, producer, and film distributor Han Soto spent some time with us to discuss his ventures and the role he plays in the third season of the now-Netflix exclusive Cobra Kai. How'd he get the role in one of the most important flashbacks of the series? How has covid affected the entertainment business? What advice does he have for those wanting to get into the industry? Check out our exclusive interview below. Mr. Soto also runs a distribution label that handles my specialty, indie films. Given the current situation, we're all in, independent cinema has been a go-to as large studios have found themselves at the mercy of local and state governments. Check out Kamikaze Dog Fight's official site for more info on what films they're currently promoting. This latest installment of the classic karate franchise sees the return of a number of familiar faces and gives us a deeper look into what made John Kreese (Martin Kove) one of the best villains of the 1980s. The third season of Cobra Kai is available to stream right now on Netflix. The series has been picked up for a fourth season. Synopsis: With a new sensei at the helm of the Cobra Kai dojo, a three-way feud takes center stage. Old grudges — like Cobra Kai — never die. #cobrakai #netflix #hansoto

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Its 1979, and a 13-year-old science nerd stumbles upon a possessed tape player and accidentally unleashes a demonic entity. She recruits her two best friends to fight the beast before it devours more souls in the small town of Clarkston.

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Yuk it up this November with a riotously funny new satire of every cheesy Christmas Movie you've ever seen! In the tradition of classics spoofs Flying High! and The Naked Gun, Cup of Cheer coming November 6 from Indiecan Entertainment. Cup of Cheer follows Mary, a big city journalist who heads off to her charming hometown of Snowy Heights to write an article about the town's world famous Christmas cheer. But upon (literally) running into the grumpy but endearing Chris, the owner of Cup of Cheer, Mary learns that his charming hot cocoa shop is going to be shut down on Christmas Eve. And it's her ex boyfriend that's shutting it down. Using her big city smarts and her Christmas cheer, Mary unites the town in an effort to save Cup of Cheer, and to save Christmas. From Jake Horowitz, scripted by Horowitz and Andy Lewis, Cup of Cheer stars Steve Kasan, Shawn Vincent, Adam Jenner, Liam Marshall, Storm Steenson, and Alexander Oliver. Available on digital November 6. #Christmas #Lifetime #Parody

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From acclaimed director Shannon Kohli, and starring Raylene Harewood in an unforgettable performance, the exceptionally inspirational All Joking Aside – coming this November from Quiver Distribution.

CHARLENE MURRAY (Charlie to her friends) isn’t your average twenty-one year old.  Inspired by her late father’s unrealized ambitions, she wants nothing more in life than to be a stand-up comic, and is equal parts thrilled and terrified by the fact that she’s finally old enough to get into a comedy club and actually try her material in front of paying customers. So with a fistful of jokes, and her stalwart friend KIM there to get her back, she heads to the LAUGHING HYENA, one of New York’s faded comedic hot spots, to hit her first ever open mic night.  Glued to his barstool at the back of the room, with his fourth whiskey of the night in hand is BOB CARPENTER, and he’s not going to stop heckling until Charlie gives up the microphone.  It doesn’t take long before he gets exactly what he wants, and Charlie, chastened, flees the club with Kim on her tail. When she later returns to the Hyena to talk to the manager DENNIS, he tells Charlie that if she really wants to learn the craft, then she’s got to be writing all the time, and studying people who know what they’re doing; people like Bob who, before his marriage and career collapsed and he became an alcoholic heckler, used to be one of the top touring comics in the country.  He pulls out some old VHS tapes of the young and energetic performer, first showing him own the crowd with his raw, edgy material, and then in a different clip from his final performance a few years later, literally attacking them.  Impressed by this new side of him, and with Dennis’ encouragement, Charlie decides that Bob is going to be her mentor whether he likes it or not, and sets about winning him over.   As the two slowly feel each other out, what develops is an unlikely friendship based on broken families, a healthy appreciation of sarcasm, and the undeniable rush of making a whole room full of people laugh.

Brian Markinson (“Angels in America”), Tanya Jade and celebrated comedian Richard Lett co-star in a Shannon Kohli (“You”, “Riverdale”)  film, scripted by James Pickering.  Produced by Jon Ornoy.
Says Shannon Kohli, “There are certain jobs on film sets that have traditionally been crewed by men and others that are usually filled by women, and it was very clear from my first days working in the lighting and camera departments that I was always going to be in the conspicuous minority in a world where nudie magazines on the camera truck are still sometimes a fact of life.  But as much as there were men who stood in my way, it was also the confidence and guidance of one DP, an older guy who was initially quite skeptical of me, that ultimately gave me my first gig as an “A” camera operator, and paved the road that I’m travelling on right now. From this perspective, I think that there’s something really appropriate about taking All Joking Aside on as my first feature, because I’ve got all of these experiences from my own recent past to mine for inspiration, allowing me to bring a very personal touch to my interpretation of the material.

The other thing that immediately grabbed me when reading the script was that it was going to afford me the ability to do a deep dive into the world of stand-up comedy, and engage with it not just as a passive audience member. I have fond memories of staying up late as a kid, long after my parents thought I was asleep, listening to a Sunday night radio show that featured the work of comics like Lily Tomlin, George Carlin, and Bob Newhart.  Laughter is one of the most unique bonding experiences that we have as humans, and being a part of the communal experience of an entire roomful of people laughing as one, is truly therapeutic. However, what I’m most interested in exploring is the fact that so often the laughs that are being generated, come at the expense of some kind of real pain or trauma that the comedian has suffered through, but managed to overcome and now find the latent humour that was initially hidden behind the tears.

While more and more funny women are breaking through and establishing a presence in popular culture, it’s a trend that needs to be supported and I really hope that this film can play a part in that.”
Animal Mother Films’ All Joking Aside will be available November 13 On Demand from Quiver Distribution.

ALL JOKING ASIDE is available November 13 On Demand from Quiver Distribution.

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Terror Films has acquired the worldwide digital rights to Marcus McCollum’s feature film debut, “NOISE IN THE MIDDLE”.
After the sudden death of his wife Sara, Richard, a grieving and emotionally ill-equipped father, is left on his own to care for his severely, non-verbal autistic daughter Emmie. Before her death Sara had arranged for Emmy to partake in an experimental therapy and rented a house near the facility where the treatments would take place. Little does Richard know the house has a haunted history. While Richard struggles with his wife’s death he soon realizes he has no patience, skills, or even any empathy to deal with Emmie’s condition and begins to find solace in drinking and drugs.  As the spirits in the house grow restless,  so does the noise in Emmie’s head, awakening her psychic abilities along with Richard’s personal demons. When visions of his dead wife begin to appear, Richard is convinced she has returned to help him. But is the spirit really his wife or something more sinister sent to take them both?

Written by McCollum and Glen Kannon, the film stars John Mese (Night of the Scarecrow), Tara Buck (True Blood), Tom Konkle (Hornet), Juliette Jeffers (Lemon), Jim Holmes (How to Be a Vampire) and features Faye Hostetter as Emmie. The film was produced by McCollum and Mark Conley under their Whiskey Tango Films production shingle.
The film will make its exclusive, worldwide premiere on the premium AVOD Horror Channel, Kings of Horror Thursday, October 29th and will include a live stream chat with the filmmakers and several cast members. It will remain on the platform exclusively for 6 weeks before launching onto multiple digital platforms beginning Friday, December 11th.
The genre distributor is giving horror fans a sneak peek by releasing the Official Trailer, Poster and several stills in advance of the film’s premiere.
Terror Films officially launched in 2016 with a mere 7 films in its catalogue and has since amassed a diverse library of films available in over 60 countries across 20 platforms (and growing). Their films have been acquired by Shudder, Netflix, Pantaya, Screambox and many others. The indie label has quickly grown into one of the most respected and recognizable digital distributors in the genre space. 

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Sometimes you have to go to the dark side to see the light.

From director Tara Johnson-Medinger, and starring award-winning actor Natalie Shershow (“Leverage”, “American Vandal”), My Summer as a Goth is a coming-of-age story about the sometimes painful—often entertaining—search for identity and love in adolescence.

After the sudden death of her father, 16-year-old, Joey Javitts is sent to stay with her eccentric grandparents while her author mother promotes her latest novel. Joey promptly falls for the beguiling Goth boy next door, Victor, and is transformed by him and his merry band of misfits in black.

Set in present-day Portland, My Summer as a Goth navigates Joey’s relationships with her new friends, her family and herself, and will resonate with anyone who survived the social alienation of adolescence—and that first summer heartbreak.

Natalie Shershow, Jack Levis, Fayra Teeters, Jonas Israel, Jenny White, Carter Allen, Eduardo Reyes, Rachelle Henry, Lorraine Bahr, Michael Biesanz, Sophie Giberson and Sarah Overman star.

My Summer as a Goth is written by Brandon Lee Roberts & Tara Johnson-Medinger.  Tara Johnson-Medinger, Brandon Lee Roberts, Gary Nolton, Megan Johnson, & Kymberley Franklin produce. 

123 Go Films will release My Summer as a Goth on DirecTV and other On Demand platforms on November 11, 2020.

Starring | Natalie Shershow, Jack Levis
Directed by | Tara Johnson-Medinger

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In 'LX2048' humans from our not-too-distant future have resigned themselves to their homes, for it has become too dangerous to step outside. Unlike our present reality in 2020, it's not Covid19 that's keeping us locked up, it's something far more threatening. Fast forward another 28 years and the earth is at the mercy of toxic sunlight. Humans slip away from reality with the help of VR, but at what cost?

Today we got to speak with Guy Moshe, the writer and director of 'LX2048'. Check out our full interview below:

'LX2048' will be available on September 25th in theatres, digital, and VOD. The film stars James D’Arcy ('Cloud Atlas'), Anna Brewster ('Versailles'), and Delroy Lindo ('The Good Fight').


In 2048, the sun has become too toxic to leave one's house in daytime and life as we know it exists mostly inside the virtual realm. Against this backdrop, a dying man fights for his family’s future while coping with what it means to be human...

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Director and documentary filmmaker Scott Petersen sat down to talk to us at length about his newest project Hitchhiking to the Edge of Sanity. The doc follows a multi-continent journey of two friends in the early 1970s. Having traveled alone throughout a large portion of the globe myself, I can tell you that the experience is at once eye-opening, inspiring, and at times quite dangerous. Check out our interview below!


Hitchhiking to the Edge of Sanity is currently available on Amazon and will be coming to Tubi in the future.



What started out as two young Kansas kids setting out to find themselves in late 1970, turned to disillusionment and danger. Photographer Ewert and writer Russell traveled across Europe experiencing the continent in Forrest Gump fashion — attending French President Charles De Gaulle’s memorial service at Notre Dame, meeting famed photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, tooling around Paris with writer James Jones (”From Here To Eternity”) in his convertible, hanging out with Dutch anarchist weed purveyors in Amsterdam and rubbing elbows with American diplomats in Brussels. Along the way, their car was stolen — twice — and they were almost arrested in Amsterdam. If they were looking for experiences, Ewert and Russell certainly found them.

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