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Hot off the heels of our last podcast, now we’re looking at the Top 5 theatrical movies from the mind of Stephen King! The Stoned Gremlin Productions‘ infamous snob of cinema, Brad Jones, joins us in this lengthy discussion about the absolute best film versions of King’s works from the past several decades. Is Dreamcatcher going to show up on the list? Maybe Lawnmower Man? What about the remake of Pet Sematary (review)? Check out our podcast below to find out.

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What better way to spend your quarantine than by binging endless hours of entertainment based on Stephen King's works. From Salem's Lot to 11/22/63, the adaptation's of King's works have had their ups, downs, and unintentionally hilarious moments on television. Some have gone on to be staples in pop culture, while others have fallen by the wayside for one reason or another.

To tackle the task of narrowing down the Top 5 TV versions of King's bibliography, I reached out to some people who've spent their fair share of time with these things. We tapped Brad and Doug Walker from Channel Awesome and Stoned Gremlin Productions' Brad Jones. These guys are no strangers to the oddities that were brought forth when directors tried making physical manifestations of the legendary author's disturbing fiction. Which will make the list? The Shining? The Stand? That version of IT no one ever talks about? Find out in our podcast below!


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We've got an interview with a returning guest! Jamie Bernadette sat down with me to talk about the Sean Cain directed domestic horror film 'Dead by Dawn.' In this film, Jamie plays the villainous Snack, one part of a trio of very evil people. Check it out below! 'Dead by Dawn' will be available on April 7th. So, it gives you something new to watch while in quarantine! You can preorder it now on Amazon! Synopsis: A suicidal man in a remote cabin is suddenly faced with protecting a kidnapped woman from three sexual deviants and their sadistic games. #Horror #Indie #VOD

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Felissa Rose is a cult horror icon who has embraced the welcoming nature of the genre community. In turn, she has given us great performances in a number of indie films over the decades. Now it's our turn to gush! The iconic star of Sleepaway Camp sat down with us to talk about her upcoming films, including a sequel to the long-running Jennifer series. Felissa also talked about her upcoming projects, her turn as a producer, and romance. Synopsis: After a surprise horror themed birthday party, Jennifer gets a scare that leads to an accident. Jennifer is a horror blogger and huge horror movie fan. Her friends, to cheer her up after the accident, decide they could make a movie. They collect their gopro cameras and phones and begin to shoot. Soon, the discoveries of other low budget horror films similar to theirs begin to intersect with their own movie. This sends Jennifer on a journey to understand where these other "Jennifer" films came from. The journey leads to a discovery about the films she could never have imagined, and she realizes her participation has put her life, and the lives of her friends, in real danger. A danger they have to endure, whether by choice or not ... if they want to make a good horror movie. #SleepawayCamp #Horror #FelissaRose

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